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Two Locations: Sacramento and Davis CA.

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Two Locations: Sacramento And Davis CA.

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Welcome to the Couples Resource Collective

We are a non-profit counseling organization who serve couples, adult individuals, families and children.  To meet the needs of our clients we believe it is essential for our staff to be well-trained so they understand and respect the uniquely expressed identity of all relationships in a safe, nonjudgmental place that promotes personal and interpersonal growth. We are motivated to help clients achieve success because we believe happy couples raise healthy families and build strong communities.

We provide a comfortable and accepting environment where you can expect to receive unwavering empathy, warmth, and kindness.

Couples Counseling

Have you ever considered whether your child could benefit from therapy? We assist your child in navigating through their struggles.

Counseling Children

“My life counseling has been a game-changer, helping me set and achieve goals and improve my overall well-being.”

Individual Counseling

Our Counselors Empower You to Achieve Goals and Live Your Best Life

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Our group of talented and down-to-earth clinicians serve our community by offering a wide array of counseling services.