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Marriage and Family Therapist Trainee

Hello and welcome! I work with couples and individuals who are open, introspective, and ready to make a change in service of growing their most meaningful relationships. As a therapist, I often help those struggling with a general sense of dissatisfaction with their relationships, tension between them and their partner, or feelings of isolation from either themselves, their loved ones, or both. When these struggles feel overwhelming, it’s important to have a space in which all parts of you are fully seen and honored, and in which you feel as if you are growing into your truest self. I can help you, or you and your partner, learn new ways of recognizing, approaching, and healing the very fractures that you feel are coming between you and the closeness that you desire within your relationships.

I view my role as both a witness to your inner world and a collaborative guide to help you explore different features of it with more confidence and comfort. As your therapist, I’ll support you in making sense out of whatever insecurity, mistrust, or obstacle you may be trying to overcome in your relationships, either with yourself or with others. It’s my hope that through our work, I can help you connect with your true self, and with those most important to you, in a way that allows you a certain sense of authenticity and vulnerability.

I understand that the conversation to begin counseling can be difficult, but, if you’ve found yourself here and reading this, then perhaps you’re ready to take the next step towards healing. If you feel I may be a helpful clinician to be by your side on your journey, then please reach out to me by phone at (916) 407-1674 or email at I look forward to knowing you.

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