Associate Professional Clinical Counselor Trainee

“We can never escape the human condition”

I enjoy working with motivated and ambitious couples and individuals who are willing to put in the time and effort that it takes to work on themselves. I believe that starting therapy takes courage; it shows that a person wants more for themselves, their relationship, and their partner. You may have struggled with expressing your needs or advocating for yourself in the past – I can help you understand your needs more and learn to set boundaries when stress feels unbearable.
If you feel disconnected from yourself or your partner, I will guide you toward establishing a deeper connection and understanding. I work with clients that want to dig deeper into the core of who they are in order to live their lives more authentically.
I lead with gentle guidance and an understanding of the courage and vulnerability it takes to come to therapy. I hope to guide you on your journey toward self-love and compassion. I have experience working with couples and individuals of all identities and backgrounds. Contact me to schedule a free consultation.



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