AMFT – Associate Marriage and Family Therapist #122144, PsyD

No person is an island. Life would be so easy if it were possible to handle everything alone. Yet this world is full of challenges, stress, and trauma, made all the more difficult when we lack access to our most important resources. We get stuck in frustrating patterns that leave us feeling distant from our loved ones and from ourselves. This distance weaves its way into so many things: mental and physical health, identity, sexual interest and performance, and right back into the relationships we most need to rely on.

I specialize in helping couples, polycules, and individuals to deepen and repair emotional, intimate, and sexual connection. I offer an unconditional space to examine the blocks that keep us from our innate human ability to love and be loved.

I am passionate about LGBTQ+ issues, sexual identity, kink, restoring romantic and intimate relationships, trauma, dissociative disorders, and eating disorders.
I want to provide you with an experience that is different from the one you’ve been stuck in at home. I want to help you embrace your uniqueness. With me you’ll find empathy, warmth, quirkiness, humor, and unconditional acceptance. If this aligns with you, please give me a call.

I look forward to being a part of your journey.

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